HP SERIES – High Pressure Push-in fittings (250 bar)


HP is a new generation fitting  studied to guarantee tightness with pressure ranges, considered so far “out of reach” with the push-in version. The fitting has been created and developped to be used in the Lubrication systems. Thanks to the innovative gripping system of the collet, our HP push-in fitting can stand up to a maximum of 150 bar pressure.
Recommended hoses: PA6-6
Recommended hose sizes: ø 4 mm fitting = 4 x 1,5 ; ø 6 mm ftting = 6 x 3
Acceptable hose tolerance: +/– 0,07 mm up to Ø 6 mm
Temperature range: -20°C÷70°C depending on the tubing used and relevant diameter.
Recommended pressure range: Max 250 bar. The max pressure rate achievable can vary depending on the tubing used and on the room temperature. These two factors may in fact lower the tube bursting pressure
Application field: Lubrication installations.
 Should the fitting be assembled with metal tubes, in case of disassembly, we do not recommend to reassemble the same fitting with plastic tubing.

Download Technical Catalogue – HP Series