MP SERIES – Medium Pressure push-in fittings (80 bar)


MP is a push-in fitting conceived for Medium pressure grease applications up to max 60 bar. MP completes, with its technical features the exhisting products offer for central lubrication applications and highlights further the distinguishing marks of the whole C.MATIC production: Quick connections, performance and reliance guarantee.
Recommended hoses: PA6-6
Recommended hose sizes: ø 4 mm fitting = 4 x 1,5 ; ø 6 mm ftting = 6 x 3
Acceptable hose tolerance: +/– 0,07 mm up to Ø 6 mm
Allowed Temperature Range: -20°C ÷70°C depending on the tubing used and relevant diameter.
Max recommended pressure range: Max 80 bar. The max pressure rate achievable can vary depending on the tubing used and on the room temperature. These two factors may in fact lower the tube bursting pressure.
Application field: Lubrication installations.

Download Technical Catalogue – MP Series