Safety Shock Absorbers

Safety Shock AbsorbersDuring the deceleration process, the piston rod is driven into the shock absorber. The hydraulic oil, in front of the piston, is forced through a multitude of metering orifices. The number of metering orifices in action decreases proportionally to the distance travelled through the stroke. The impact velocity of the moving load is gently reduced. The internal pressure and thus the reaction force remain essentially constant throughout the complete stroke length. The oil, forced back by

  • Optimal machine protection
  • Lightweight and low cost construction
  • Maximum traverse path
  • State-of-the-art damping technology
  • Almost universally applicable

the piston rod is accumulated by the gas accumulator and the compressed gas provides the return force to reset the rod to its extended position. To separate the hydraulic system from the gas accumulator, a diaphragm is used for the SCS series and a separator piston for the CB series.


Download Technical Catalogue – Safety Shock Absorber